Two Times Shy

Australia's Hottest New Band, Two Times Shy Two Times Shy single Lonely Bass player Jaden EP It Looks Better than it Sounds Guitarist and lead singer Doug, and lead guitarist Wes Two Times Shy single You and I Drummer Cam Two Times Shy single Tearing Up Inside Two Times Shy. Australia's hottest new band

Playlist – New Rock Royalty

This Spotify playlist is a showcase for Two Times Shy. It is not approved or authorised by the band, but if you enjoy their music, you will enjoy most of the tracks on this list. If you do, please like and share.

New Rock Royalty is safe for family and work, is updated every week or so, and will always contain Two Times Shy’s latest releases.

Playlist – New Rock Royalty

Live Shows

Another great gig with Bad Neighbour and Glowing at Black Bear Lodge done and dusted!

Check here for news about upcoming shows.